UK Police Simply Seized Two Lamborghinis Due to ‘Anti-Social’ Driving

Driving a supercar is a privilege, not a right—especially if you’re going to use it to be annoying or put others at risk.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in northern England seized a couple of Lamborghinis earlier this week for “anti-social” driving, reports the Manchester Evening News. It’s unclear when the owners will get their cars back, but we imagine they’ll think twice before using their supercars to show off again.

Anti-social driving is the UK’s term for driving that causes a nuisance, including, but not limited to, street racing, riding in a convoy or doing stunts, according to the GMP website. Over the weekend, local authorities began receiving reports of different colored Lamborghinis “being driven anti socially” in Bolton, a city just northwest of Manchester. Then, early Monday, the driver of one of the supercars, was stopped and cited, after he pulled up to a police scene at 4 a.m. and loudly revved his engine.

You’d think the citation would have been enough of a warning for the Lambo drivers, but it wasn’t. Later that day, the GMP’s Transport Unit seized two Lamborghini Huracáns—one bright yellow, the other white with red and green accents—according to a tweet from the department. It’s unclear what exactly the driver had been doing with the supercars, but authorities said they were seized under the Police Reform Act.

Manchester councilor applauded the GMP’s actions, writing on Twitter that anti-social driving was a problem in other parts of the area. “We have these manboy muppets in the city center,” he tweeted (via the Manchester Evening News). “Rev Rev. Grow up and get a Lego set.”

Should any of the anti-social Lambo drivers decide to take Karney’s advice, they’re in luck. Lego actually offers a number of sets based on Lamborghini supercars, including a 1:8 scale Sián model with working scissor doors. We have a feeling the GMP will be a lot less interested in what they get up to with one of the toy company’s kits.

Source: Robb Report

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