Watch: The Air One Personal eVTOL Just Completed Its First Hover Test

An ambitious new personal eVTOL is one step closer to production.

The Israeli aviation startup Air announced this week that a full-scale version prototype of its first vehicle, called the Air One, had successfully completed a hover test. The company hopes to start delivering the crafts, which it unveiled last fall, to customers in 2024, with a projected range of 110 miles.

The Air One is a two-seat multicopter with collapsible wings and a form factor small enough to park in a typical garage. The company showcased a smaller version of the prototype at the Kentucky Derby in May. The full-scale craft heading into the skies for testing weighs just over 1900 pounds, but this isn’t the first time it’s taking to the air. The vessel made its first official flight in a field in Megiddo, Israel back in June.

“It was truly awe-inspiring to watch Air One lift off the ground for the first time. We’ve been on this upward journey for nearly five years and cannot wait for the public to join us on this ride,” said Rani Plaut, CEO & Co-founder of Air, in a statement. “This momentous milestone secures Air’s spot as a market leader in the personal air mobility space, making the thrill of flight achievable on a daily basis. We look forward to continued growth as we launch into the next phase of development.”

The vehicle’s cabin features seats for two passengers under a panoramic glass roof with eight electric motors that can deliver up to 771 horsepower (575 kW). In addition, you’ll be able to pilot the Air One after just 16 hours of training. 

The company has sent out a full-size prototype to the United States that will be exhibited at EAA Air Adventure in Wisconsin later this month; another is being built at its base in Tel Aviv and will begin flight testing in the coming months. The first customer orders are expected to be shipped out for delivery in 2024.

The Air One will retail for $150,000. Pre-orders are available on the company’s website. 

Source: Robb Report

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