Watch: This One-Person eVTOL Floats Above the Tuscan Hillside Like a Flying Jet Ski

Count us among those excited for Jetson’s One eVTOL. 

The Swedish start-up, which shares a name with the ’60s-era cartoon character, has just shared a video of its Star Wars landspeeder-like personal aircraft flying over the hills in Tuscany. All along, Jetson has stressed that it was building an accessible vehicle that would fun for just about anyone to pilot. Based on the new clip it looks like they’ve accomplished just that.

The video, which runs just shy of two minutes, was uploaded to the company’s YouTube account earlier this week. In it, you can see the One taking off from the lawn of a Tuscan villa and methodically circling around the nearby tree-covered hillside. We never get to see the pilot push the craft to its limits but they do show just how maneuverable the aircraft can be. The zero-emission vehicle is able to cut through the air with ease and looks like a breeze to control.

The view from inside the Jetson One eVTOL 


The video offers multiple cuts of the pilot’s perspective. Although they’re brief, the sequences give a glimpse at what you’ll see when you’re at the eVTOL’s controls. They also highlight the gorgeous views offered by its open-air cockpit as it navigates a stretch of a Tuscan hillside.

The video was released to mark six months since Jetson first unveiled the production-ready One. The single-seater features a stripped-down design and doesn’t require a pilot’s license, meaning practically anyone can fly it. It’s powered by four rotors—two in the front, two in the back—that get their juice from a lithium-ion battery. It’s far from the most powerful eVTOL we’ve seen, but it can still reach speeds of 63 mph, which should be more than enough for recreational fliers.

Jetson One

Jetson One 


“We’re happy to let the big guys solve the big problems,” Jetson’s president and founder Peter Ternström told us at the time. “We can teach you to fly our aircraft in five minutes. It’s like a jet ski or a scooter that flies.”

Although the company has been generous with the images and video of its eVTOL, it’s yet to be shown off for the public. That’ll change on June 8, when the aircraft is officially unveiled by Prince Albert II of Monaco. The One costs $92,000, but be warned that all of this year’s build slots are already filled. Luckily, there are three future spots currently available to reserve through the company’s website. Your next trip to your friend’s house just got a little more exciting.

Source: Robb Report

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