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Ode to the Duck Egg

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Duck Eggs

The farmer called:
He’s got 3 dozen.
Our stomachs did a flutter, enthralled;
Spring has truly begun!

To crack them;
To hear them sizzle in the pan;
To eye the white whites,
the orange yolks!

And then to bite
Their luscious ducky goodness
Soaked into the sourdough toast.
Truly a taste of heaven.

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Homemade Body Butter

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My homemade body butter turned out great.  Here is the recipe for a luscious treat for your winter-battered hide!

Base Ingredientsbody butter 3

3 oz. coconut oil
3 oz. cocoa butter
3 oz. shea butter
1 oz. emulsifying wax
1/2 Cup organic olive oil


Melt ingredients together on stovetop lowest setting just until melted.  Put in freezer until it starts to harden – about 10 minutes.  Whip in mixer with wire whip for 5 minutes.  Stir in 3 Tablespoons vegetable glycerine.  Put back in freezer for about 5 minutes, then whip again for 5 minutes.  Stir in essential oils, if using, put in jars.


body butter 1body butter 2

By the way, using a small kitchen scale to weigh out the ingredients is a great way to make it very easy to measure solid ingredients like this.  You don’t have to try packing them tightly into measuring cups.  Just put the empty bowl on the scale, zero it out, and start adding clumps of material until the desired amount is reached.

I added essential oils of blue tansy (20 drops), lemongrass (40 drops), and lavender (40 drops).  Blue tansy helps to reduce inflammation and I love the smell, lemongrass is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory and I love the smell, and lavender is a soothing anti-spasmotic and I love the smell!  This threesome will be very powerful to rub into my hardworking hands, aiding my muscles and joints as well as keeping my skin soft and unbroken.


Mountain Rose Herbs – My favorite place for all the base ingredients

Aromatics International – A great source for essential oils.  They test every batch so you are assured of no adulteration.  Test results, use, and safety information all available on their excellent website.

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Fascinated by a Skeleton

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I was extremely fortunate – good timing and pricing on my side – to acquire a full human skeleton recently.  As a massage therapist and massage therapy educator I have been a student of human anatomy for many years now.  I thought I knew my stuff.

But now I have spent a few hours with this specimen because it was very dusty and in need of cleaning.  As I swiped over much of the surfaces of these bones with a swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide, I had a chance to fully examine a real skeleton from head to toe.DSC05904



I am humbled by the real thing.  These bones are such beautiful natural sculptures.  They are so much more intricate than any copy I’ve studied before.   It’s hard not to be moved in some fundamental way.

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Homemade Toothpaste Made Simple

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It’s been bugging me for awhile that natural toothpaste is so expensive.  I’ve been paying $5-8 per tube for quite awhile.  When I read the ingredients I see it is mostly baking soda – one of the cheapest things you can buy!  So, I did a little research and concocted my own mix.  I must say, I like it very much and it cost pennies to make!  Also I know and recognize each and every ingredient.  Here is what I did:

9 parts (I used a small coffee spoon) baking soda
1 1/2 parts vegetable glycerin
1 1/2 parts hydrogen peroxide
2 parts melted coconut oil
3 measures stevia powder (the measure is a tiny spoon in the container, probably equivalent to a packet of the powder)
10 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
30 drops peppermint essential oil
5 drops clove essential oil

Mix together in a little container into which you dip your toothbrush.

The first attempt did not include coconut oil or clove.  I noticed coconut oil was included in some recipes I found and when I added it in it definitely made the whole mix more creamy.  Also I have a little residual nerve pain from a recent filling so I added clove to dull that pain and add to the anti-bacterial power of this blend even though cinnamon is about as powerful as you can get in this regard.  Keep in mind that you want to use pure essential oils from reputable companies, probably not what you find on the shelf in the health food store, unfortunately.  I highly recommend Aromatics International because they chemically test every batch to assure no adulteration.  The mouth is a pretty sensitive place – all mucous membranes – I wouldn’t want to use anything suspect.  I find this mix leaves my teeth squeaky clean and my whole mouth feels fresh.  I actually like it better than the commercially produced stuff – probably because I’m biased!!

Disclaimer:  I am not an aromatherapist and I am only reporting here what I did and what has worked well for me.  I encourage you to do your own research on recipes and essential oils to use.  The Aromatics International website offers a wealth of information on use and safety of their oils.  Do not experiment without knowledge.  Consult a certified clinical aromatherapist if you have any concerns.

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Knitted Mittens

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Knitted Mittens

I started these mittens last year and they sat, forlorn, in my knitting bag until now.  I finally completed them in just a few hours.  These are little ones for a child and they’ll go to someone in a Milwaukee Public School who doesn’t have any.  It’s hard to believe, I know, but there are kids who come to school in January in Milwaukee (temperature today is about 15º) without hats, mittens, scarves, boots.  I have a client with a contact in the schools to whom these will go.

January, 2014 feels good so far.  I’m off to a good start for the year.  Exercise, check.  Eating right, check.  Completing projects, check.

Following through on things feels so good.  Why don’t a do it more consistently?

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New Year – Actually Doing It Already

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deer drawing

I have wanted to draw more and use my kettlebells at least once a week.  So the time?  Where does it come from?  I’m going to try to get it from less blogging and time on facebook.  Also less shopping.  I find drawing about the most relaxing activity, but it does take effort, probably more than those other things that have been eating up my time.  Once I start, though, I’m absorbed so that’s the trick.  For now I’m going to try drawing on the days I don’t exercise.  That block of time will be for one or the other.  I’m going to see how it goes.

This deer needs a lot of work, but I see them almost daily very close to the house so I get some great shots of them from which I can work.  Since the landscape is pretty bleak right now they add some interest.  I love their ears!

By the way, the kettlebells have been used 2 weeks in a row.  Today was the first day for drawing in 2014.  We’ll see how long it lasts!

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Aliens and Snow Don’t Mix

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Alien SantaNever one to have a sense of humor, our resident alien did not like his first foray into the snow the other day.  He especially didn’t like that I was laughing at him when he came up looking like he had a Santa beard!

He has a lot to learn about earth and he has realized this is not an easy mission.

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Dachshund Satisfaction

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Tennis Balls

Chase it, whap it, bite down hard to
Sque-ee-ek it.
Pretend to keep it, but let it go
So it gets thrown!
Chase it, chew it, bite little bites to
Squeekity-squeak-squee-eee-eek it.
Sit down and have a good chew to
Remove the cover in long fuzzy strips and
Pull out the squeaker to
Kill it dead.

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Morning Visitors

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This girl and her friends have been making appearances in our woods behind the house for several days now.  They have just awoken to falling snow which has put a dusting over their bodies.  That fur must be very insulating that their body heat doesn’t melt the snow.

What joy to watch them grazing on dry grasses and frolicking a bit to get the blood moving!  It’s a bit dark, but its the best I could do in the early morning dim.

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Alien Friday

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Alien 4

Look who’s turned up again for his usual Friday appearance.  Charlie and Hudson easily dismissed him so now he’s working on me.  Nice try, Mr. Alien, I have work to do!  You are going to have to entertain yourself today.

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