Ode to the Duck Egg

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Duck Eggs

The farmer called:
He’s got 3 dozen.
Our stomachs did a flutter, enthralled;
Spring has truly begun!

To crack them;
To hear them sizzle in the pan;
To eye the white whites,
the orange yolks!

And then to bite
Their luscious ducky goodness
Soaked into the sourdough toast.
Truly a taste of heaven.

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Hiking Alone

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winter field

Trudging along in the cold
Pumps the blood and keeps me bold.

To hike alone this vacant path
Means watching my back for lunatic wrath.

Yes amid this beauty here
I have to control vulnerability and fear.

Even with defense tools close
Surprise would aid my foes.

So I meld into this placid scene
Prepared, confident, and with senses keened.

This hiking is its own meditation
Random thoughts brought into consolidation.

The beauty, the danger, the focus
Provides me freedom, mental clarity the bonus.

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Dachshund Satisfaction

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Tennis Balls

Chase it, whap it, bite down hard to
Sque-ee-ek it.
Pretend to keep it, but let it go
So it gets thrown!
Chase it, chew it, bite little bites to
Squeekity-squeak-squee-eee-eek it.
Sit down and have a good chew to
Remove the cover in long fuzzy strips and
Pull out the squeaker to
Kill it dead.

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Rushing the Season?

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Photography - SnowfallThe snowmen are for sale
in September.
Jingle bells plays
before Halloween.
I close my eyes, I cover my ears.
It is fall, it is fall, IT IS FALL!

And now THIS this morn.
Even nature conspires to put me
in the holiday mood.
Thinking of a cocoa
with a peppermint stick.

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Peregrine Falcon

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Photography - perregrinfalconFamously fast falcon
You graced my woods
On the cool, fall day.

Your feathers puffed
Against the cold
Eyes piercing
the gray day.

Where is your quarry?
Wait – window movement?

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Winter is the Reward?

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Photography - Fall Forest

Gloomy darkness
In the fall woods
Saturated damp
Mists rising
Dying leaves
Still cling

Mean trick, this
Winter is the

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Hey! That’s My Foot!

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Travel - White DevilHey!  That’s my foot!

I know, it makes a nice place

to sit right down

and look at me with your wistful eyes.

You ARE pretty sweet,

coming and going

into and out of the shop.

And stopping to greet me in this funny way.

What’s your name?

White Devil!

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Sunflower Field

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Photography - Sunflower FieldSummer sun on a sunflower field,

How can I help but smile?

So many faces arcing across the sky,

Keeping the time of the day.

Busy stalks growing tall,

Impossible to pedal right past.

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Green Bug on a Painted Fern

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Poetry - Green bugGreen bug walking

along the purple rib

of a painted fern,

Are you talking

telling yourself a fib

with every turn?

“I’m safe here

hunting bugs alone

I have no fear

belief in birds is overblown.”

I do the same.

I feel your shame.

When caught in the clutch

You denied so much.

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Olive Wood Workshop

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Travel - Olive Wood Workshop

Hand tools

A focused lamp

A small lathe to turn wood

Half-done projects

Oh olive tree!

What a boon you are!


Rest for birds

Green oil

Roots that hold the hillside.

Dense wood

With beautiful grain

That speaks

To the craftsman’s hands.

He comes

He holds the heavy wood

and he works it.




All come from his tools

And his hands

Here in this workshop.

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