10 Dramatic Moments From The Bachelor: Women Tell All

It was time for Clayton Echard to face the music.

After a rollercoaster of a season, filled with tumultuous drama and enough tears to fill a small body of water, the Bachelor and the women he sent home packing came face-to-face again for the Women Tell All special. 

It wasn’t an easy evening for Clayton, who had to answer questions about his behavior and decision-making throughout the season.

But more than that, it was a chance for the women to confront the real lightning rod of the season: Shanae!

Perhaps no contestant in Bachelor history has stirred more up more controversy or conversation than the 29-year-old from Sycamore, Ohio. 

Shanae was confronted about her bizarre antics, messy manners and absolute addiction to being villainous. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who expected Shanae to apologize were sorely disappointed. 

Hosted by Jesse Palmer, the Women Tell All special is always the juiciest night on the calendar of every member of Bachelor Nation.

And this one more than delivered. 

Source: Eonline

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