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Amazon Fire HD Tablet Reviews

A shopper said, “This devices offers so much for the buck! I have internet, book reading, utilities, calendar and much more. I’ve only had it six days and I’m permanently hooked. Worth three time what I spent for it. It meets many of my daily needs and I already can’t imagine not having it by my side!”

Another declared, “Love how easily everything is to navigate and let my littles use. The battery life is doing great so far with so many games the littles download on Freetime that it makes it worth it! We had the Kindle 7 and the tablet would heat up and not work long periods of time.”

A customer reviewed, “Great device and does so many different things! Love that it has a portal for kids to play games. I can read, watch TV, movies, Facebook, and so much more; too many to mention. Lasts for years! Highly recommend.”

Someone else explained, “The screen quality is fantastic in terms of both image sharpness and responsiveness to input. The battery life is respectably long even during performance of energy-intensive tasks. The camera takes both high-quality photographs and videos. The look and feel of the device are also classy and sleek.”

“For the price, you can’t beat the Amazon Fire8. I purchased three of them in August, and I have been very happy with my purchases. My daughter reads books and listens to books on them. Her mother is able to stay connected with home while vacationing in Florida. And I access apps that just don’t connect well on my phone. You have three satisfied customers,” a shopper reviewed.

Another wrote, “I use this to monitor my home security cams and is plugged in all the time. Eventually the battery will die a premature death as a result, but I do not care. Because it stays on one app, I am not bothered by the advertising. Cheap enough. I have had one running 24×7 for over a year and no failure of screen yet.”

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