7 Times Black-ish Taught Us About Social Movements

Black-ish may soon be coming to an end, but it’s lasting impact certainly won’t be.

The ABC comedyknown for addressing social issues in a humorous and easily digestible way—is currently airing its eighth and final season. The critically acclaimed series, starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Yara Shahidi, has touched on numerous topics including colorism, COVID-19, feminism and much more. 

In an interview with Columbus Telegram, Ross shared that she is happy about the impact Black-ish has had. “There’s a never-ending amount of topics for us to discuss that are part of the wallpaper of our lives,” she explained. “We did that incredibly beautifully, from Juneteenth to police brutality to postpartum depression. We leave with a whole bunch of joy and pride about how we handled everything.”

And Anderson agrees. In an interview with Good Morning America, the actor discussed the immense impact that episode had on the country. “I like to think we had a small part in making that happen,” the 51-year-old actor said of President Joe Biden making Juneteenth a national holiday back in 2021.

Source: Eonline

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