A Beginner’s Guide to Below Deck and All of Its Spinoffs

Nearly a decade has passed since Below Deck first set sail. 

In the years since, the Bravo series has taken viewers to some of the world’s most beautiful locations—Tahiti, Phuket and Antigua, just to name a few—all while chronicling the (surprisingly dramatic!) lives of the crew members who work and live aboard a superyacht during charter season. Leading the group of rowdy yet dedicated stewards, deckhands, bosuns and chefs is Captain Lee Rosbach, who’s been setting a steady course for nine seasons now. 

However, it only took two seasons of Below Deck to inspire a spinoff. Below Deck Mediterranean premiered in 2016, introducing fans to an all-new crew and several stars who remain fan-favorites to this day, even if they’re no longer on the show. 

Four years later, Below Deck Sailing Yacht hit the waters of Greece, and two seasons in, another spinoff was created: Below Deck Down Under, the first of the franchise to air on Peacock. 

Source: Eonline

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