Alan Ruck on The Dropout & Succession Similarities

For better or worse, Alan Ruck will always be known as the actor behind Succession‘s Connor Roy.

As such, it’s hard to watch the Hulu limited series The Dropout without comparing his character, Dr. Jay Rosan, to the eldest Roy son. Both of the men seem to be overcompensating in one way or another, but Ruck recently told E! News that there’s a major difference between the two: “Even though Dr. Jay Rosan may have behaved foolishly, in this particular story nobody called him an idiot, whereas Connor is constantly reminded that he’s just not cutting it—mostly by his siblings.”

In fact, episode four of the show is proof that, unlike Connor, the Walgreens Medical Doctor was respected among his colleagues. When the deal with Amanda Seyfried‘s Elizabeth Holmes nearly falls through, it’s his character who pushes it through to the very end, unaware that the company was being sold a faulty product.

But Ruck doesn’t fault the real-life Rosan, suggesting that the medical doctor was just “somebody having a midlife crisis and totally captivated by this young woman and her schemes, which he really wanted to believe we’re true.”

Source: Eonline

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