Alison Appleby Wins Miss Dallas Teen With Her Service Canine By Her Facet

Can we get a round of a-paws for this dynamic duo?

On Oct. 9, Alison Appleby, a 17-year-old girl from Sherman, Tex., won the Miss Dallas Teen USA 2022 pageant with her service dog in training, Brady, by her side. And in addition to Alison receiving a crown, the golden retriever did too!

This marked the first time the teen, who has epilepsy, had even entered a pageant. “Me? A princess? SHUT UP!” Alison wrote on Instagram after her victory. “Seriously though, I’m still in shock. I am officially Miss Dallas Teen 2022. I attended with the intentions of having fun and advocating for other girls with disabilities. Now I am blessed to have many more opportunities to do so!”

She continued, “When I signed up for this pageant, a random stranger told me ‘you cant do that, you have a service dog. Pageant girls don’t have disabilities!’ Well, here we are!”

Source: Eonline