Amy Schumer Reveals Son Gene, 2, Will ‘Most Likely Have Autism’ Like His Dad

Amy Schumer opens up about the possibility of her son Gene, 2, being diagnosed with autism like his dad, Chris Fischer.

Amy Schumer, 40, believes her two-year-old son Gene David Fischer, will “most likely have autism” like his father and her husband of four years, Chris Fischer, 42. However, the Trainwreck star said she “doesn’t have a preference” while candidly discussing the likelihood that her son will receive the same diagnosis during a recent guest appearance on Chelsea Handler‘s podcast, Dear Chelsea.

“I think the statistics are pretty strong toward he will most likely have autism,” the comedienne told her fellow funnyperson. “Parents have different journeys with this. Having a child with severe autism is beyond my imagination difficult. But if Gene does wind up having ASD, I’m not looking for the signs in a way that are upsetting, I’m not hoping either way.”

Amy Schumer discussed her son possibly being diagnosed with autism like husband, Chris Fischer (Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

The Emmy Award-winning star revealed in her 2019 Netflix special Growing that her husband was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder as an adult. “Most of my favorite people are on the spectrum,” Amy confessed. “He’s two and a half and I think they don’t diagnose children until maybe six at the earliest I think. You can see some signs but the diagnosis doesn’t come until later and I can say honestly I don’t have a preference either way. You just want your kids to be healthy and happy.”

After opening up about the James Beard Award-winner’s diagnosis, one of Amy’s social media followers asked how she would “cope with the possibility” of Gene being on the spectrum. “How I cope? I don’t see being on the spectrum as a negative thing,” she responded. “My husband is my favorite person I’ve ever met. He’s kind, hilarious, interesting and talented and I admire him. Am I supposed to hope my son isn’t like that?”

Amy Schumer Chris Fischer
Amy and Chris welcomed their son Gene in May 2019. (Elder Ordonez/

Meanwhile, Amy and Chris just celebrated their four-year anniversary last month after they tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in Malibu, California in Feb. 2018. The news came just four days after publicly confirming their relationship. The couple welcomed their son just 15 months later on May 5, 2019 via C-section.

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