Andrew Garfield Reacts to Dylan O’Brien’s Social Network Parody

Who played Mark Zuckerberg’s best friend better? Andrew Garfield seems to think it wasn’t him. 

The Tick Tick… Boom! star joked in a BBC Radio 1 interview that he found Dylan O’Brien‘s impression of his iconic scene in The Social Network superior to his own performance in the 2010 movie. 

In May 2020, Dylan give his best impression of Andrew playing character Eduardo Saverin in a parody video of one memorable scene, in which Eduardo confronts Mark about diluting his Facebook shares.

In response to being asked if he believes he was “outgunned and outshot by Dylan,” Andrew responded with a smile on his face and said the look-alike was “just as good, if not better.” 

He added, “And handsomer.” 

The viral video was created by friends Sarah Ramos and Dylan towards the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The two coincidentally met through Max Minghella of The Social Network, who introduced the idea of reenacting movies while in quarantine, according to Insider.

Source: Eonline

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