Ariana Madix Makes Intercourse Dig at Ex Tom Sandoval Over His Soiled Underwear

Ariana Madix is airing Tom Sandoval‘s dirty laundry—literally.

During Vanderpump Rules‘ Apr. 2 episode, the Dancing With the Stars alum attempted to steal her ex’s personal assistant Ann Maddox and made a dig at his alleged personal hygiene habits in the process.

“Things will get a little rough for my roommate if I poach his assistant,” Ariana said in a confessional. “But, I mean, he didn’t respect me enough to not f–k my friend when I was at my grandmother’s funeral. So I should be stealing his assistant gleefully.”

During an informal interview with Ariana at her and Tom’s house, Ann did admit working for the TomTom co-owner “does have its cons,” noting, “Sometimes I have to pick up hist dirty socks and underwear.”

The comment prompted a shady response from Ariana.

“I know he wears that s–t sometimes for days in a row,” the 38-year-old quipped of her former partner of nine years, with whom she split last year, in a confessional. “And then he wondered why I didn’t want to f–k him. Change your drawers, bro!”

Source: Eonline