BlendJet Deal: Save $20 on Portable Blender With 5,400+ 5-Star Reviews

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BlendJet 2.0 16-oz Portable Rechargeable Blender Reviews

A QVC shopper said, “We have been using the Blend Jet every day since it arrived. It is perfect for scrambling eggs and perfect for making smoothies.”

Another declared, “This little blender packs a punch! I am amazed how well it blends frozen fruit and ice cubes. Have used for everything from green shakes with nuts, veggies, ice and yogurt to individual frozen margaritas! Love it!”

Someone else shared, “I bought this little powerhouse of a blender for our camper. My husband loves it so much I had to order a second one for the house. It’s small but powerful, makes portion control a snap, super easy clean up as well. He uses it every morning. WOW very impressive for the size and convenience of cordless, rechargeable. Sad to say but our Vitamix hasn’t been used since the Blendjet arrived.”

“I tested the BlendJet first by making a Margarita to see how well it would blend ice and passed with flying colors, so now I’m thinking everyone should have one of these to be able to take on the go or use at home, did I tell you they have many colors to choose from to adapt to your lifestyle. QVC probably has the best price but they sell out every time they introduced the product,” a customer explained.

A fan of the blender reviewed, “The Blend Jet 2.0 16-0z. Portable Rechargeable Blender with USB-Cord is very versatile. Can be used at home with smoothies, protein drink, etc. Use in the car, and on a trip. Mix up your favorite drink, and take with you to drink out of during the day.”

A QVC customer wrote, “I love my BlendJet, and I seek out opportunities to tell people how great it is. It does a fantastic job for my morning smoothies and goes through frozen fruit very well. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. I use it at least 3 times a week. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Another said, “Fun and easy to use, powerful. So efficient to blend and use in one container to make healthy smoothies or anything else. Good way to get in your fruits and veggies.”

“The Blendjet has lived up to its expectations for me. I’ve made quite a few different smoothies with it and it never fails. It grinds up ice as well and frozen fruit. I’ve made pina coladas with it that are always perfectly blended. Overall this blended has been everything I wanted it for, and the portability of it is awesome! I’d recommend to anybody whos not sure whether they want to buy it yet or not,” a customer wrote.

Source: Eonline

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