Bobbie Thomas Returns to Today After Her Husband’s Death

They kept coming throughout the show, too. Bobbie opened up about the grieving process and parenting her six-year-old son Miles, leading to Jenna giving her the ultimate compliment. “You’ve been an incredible mom since the moment you had him,” she said. “It’s just so fun to watch your strength and your grace and everything you do.” 

Jenna then read an excerpt from Bobbie’s essay, which provided more insight into the new project. 

“It’s hard to explain,” Bobbie wrote, “but knowing that you aren’t alone, even when you feel like you are, can be the difference between a good day and an awful one. Now my wish is to boomerang all that support back—with my whole heart.”

Her generosity comes as little surprise to her coworkers. As Jenna put it, “For you to give in your darkest hour is so you.”

Source: Eonline