Britney Spears Dances In Crop Top In New Video: ‘Good To Push Yourself’

Britney Spears left it all on the floor in a new video, where she danced her heart out in a crop top and athletic shorts, sharing it felt good to “push herself.”

Here’s hoping we’re never unlucky enough to have to dance battle Britney Spears! In a new video shared to her Instagram, the singer, 40, danced her heart out, popping, locking and twirling in an elaborate routine that would have any amateur exhausted. Britney reminded her followers her talent can’t be put in a box, sharing in the video she “let go for the first time in a very long time” and that it felt good to “push” herself and “improve.”

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In the clip, Britney performs the elaborate dance with excitement and strength, choosing to rock a flouncy yellow crop top and black athletic shorts for the routine. Moving to a sped-up remix of Bo Burnham‘s “All Eyes On Me,” Britney made eyes at the camera while contorting her body in strange and experimental shapes…and looking like she couldn’t be having more doing it. Although she made it look easy, the singer hilariously revealed in her caption she “sweat [her] a** off” while filming.

Britney Spears rocked a crop top and danced her heart out in a new Instagram video. (Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock)

Though Britney’s wild movements in the video had some commenters questioning her moves if Britney’s made anything clear in the months since she won the battle to end her 13-year conservatorship, it’s that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Whether calling out her family, smooching fiancee Sam Asghari or just enjoying a glass of wine, Britney has taken life by the horns since she won her freedom.

Even while enjoying her newfound lease on life, Britney’s still focused on writing the wrongs done against her, and others who have suffered under conservatorships. She was even recently invited to testify about conservatorships in the United States Congress, which she shared left her “grateful” to be “acknowledged.” Though Britney did not specify whether or not she will accept the offer, she mentioned she is further along in the healing process now than when she first received the invitation in December.

Source: Hollywood Life

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