By no means Load the Dishwasher Improper Once more Due to This Viral TikTok

TikTok’s latest viral video has us saying what the fork!

Barbara Costello, who goes by “Brunch With Babs” on the social media platform, is known for posting a wide range of helpful household tips, delicious recipes and general lifestyle hacks. And while sharing yet another handy guide for her Bootcamp Babs series, the 73-year-old blew people’s minds when she revealed the proper way to load a dishwasher. 

Yep, it turns out most of us have been incorrectly placing our dirty dishes on the racks. 

“Did your mom ever tell you the do’s and don’t’s of how to load the dishwasher?” the influencer asked her followers in the Sept. 30 tutorial, which has since amassed more than 4.5 million views. “Here’s two don’ts before you start loading.”

For her first tip, Babs explained why it’s better to “scrape not rinse” out any leftover food on dishes: “Not only will you save water but the detergent will have something to adhere to.”

Babs also advised keeping objects such as any wooden pieces and “your kitchen knives” out of the dishwasher because they don’t belong there in the first place. 

Source: Eonline