Chicago, 4, & Psalm West, 2, Look Like Twins In Cute New Photo Shared By Mom Kim

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share a brand new photo of her two youngest kids, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2, happily posing on a mini bike while enjoying time outside for a ‘morning ride.’

Kim Kardashian is showing off some recent quality time she spent with two of her four kids! The 41-year-old doting mom shared a new Instagram pic of her daughter Chicago West, 4, and son Psalm West, 2, smiling and posing while sitting on a mini bike with a headlight in the front on March 1. “Morning ride,” she captioned the cute snapshot.

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In the pic, Psalm is sitting in the front as Chicago holds onto him from the back. They are both wearing black T-shirts and pants and have braids in the hair as they look at the camera and show off their best calm and content faces. Once Kim shared the post, her fan were quick to comment on it.

“Aww cuties,” one fan wrote while another called them “beautiful kids.” A third shared that the pic was a “cuteness overload” and others mentioned how they look so much like twins in the photo. There were also folks who wrote about how quickly they were both growing up.

Kim Kardashian and three of her four kids during a previous outing. (SplashNews)

Before Kim shared her new photo of Chicago and Psalm, a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife how she feels about her ex and father of her children Kanye West hanging out with her lookalike Chaney Jones. It turns out the reality star, who is now dating Pete Davidson, is “relieved” about the new lady in the rapper’s life but also thinks she should not try and look like her.

“Kim has seen photos of Chaney and she thinks that Chaney should just be herself and not try to imitate her,” the source told us. “But, if that is what Chaney wants to do to get the attention she is seeking, or win over Kanye, so be it. Kim’s focus right now is herself, her children, and her relationship with Pete.”

A second source also EXCLUSIVELY told us that Kim’s “flattered” by Chaney’s similar style and looks. “Kim knows that she’s considered a fashion icon, so the fact that so many women, including Chaney, try to emulate her is really quite flattering to Kim,” the source explained. “Does Kim think it’s a little peculiar that Kanye has dated a few women now that resemble her? Yeah, she does. Most women in Kim’s situation would probably feel the same way. But as far as her feelings go, Kim doesn’t have the time or energy to concern herself with who Kanye is spending time with.”

Source: Hollywood Life