Colin Jost Compares Putin’s Ukraine Invasion To NBC Having To Air Olympics: ‘Colossal Mistake’

‘SNL’ is known for their political spoofs, and they didn’t hold back this week with their take on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t escape the Saturday Night Live treatment this week. The 69-year-old was spoofed by Colin Jost on the Saturday, Feb. 27 episode, where the ‘Weekend Update’ host got in multiple shots as he spoke about Putin’s current spearheading of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Colin Jost skewered Vladimir Putin in this weeks SNL ‘Weekend Update.’ (NBC)

“This week Russia began their invasion of Ukraine with the support of allies like Belarus and Tucker Carlson.” Colin joked.  “Many analysts are surprised Putin went through with the invasion even though it was obviously going to be a colossal mistake…but he couldn’t back down after all that build-up. Kind of like how NBC still had to go through with airing the Winter Olympics.

Colin continued to skewer Putin for his secretive money use, stating: “His money is in non-traditional assets that are impossible to trace. So, on top of everything else awful about Putin — he’s also into crypto.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Weekend Update or a conversation about Putin without some Trump talk. There were also a few shorts made against Trump, especially after he praised the invasion. “Donald Trump praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine saying, ‘this is genius’ — he also said ‘this is genius’ about his son Eric.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — which was formerly part of the Soviet Union — has been making headlines around the world this week. Thousands of Ukrainian residents, particularly those in the capital city of Kyiv, have fled for safety as the unprovoked attack continues.

Celebrities with ties to the nation have been speaking out, including actress Milla Jovovich who was born in Ukraine. “I am heartbroken and dumbstruck trying to process the events of this week in my birthplace of Ukraine,” the 46-year-old wrote via Instagram.

“My country and people being bombed. Friends and family in hiding. My blood and my roots come from both Russia and Ukraine,” she added in her Feb. 26 post. “I am torn in two as I watch the horror unfolding, the country being destroyed, families being displaced, their whole life lying in charred fragments around them,” she signed off.

As for SNL, Putin has had his share of spoofing over the years thanks to cast member Beck Bennett (who, in particular, has played a shirtless version). Bennett consistently played him throughout 2016 and 2017, with his last appearance on Dec. 2 of that year. The Russian leader was first mentioned and played on the series way back in 2000, however, with a Will Ferrell rendition.

Source: Hollywood Life

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