Cory Singer’s ‘Break Of Dawn’ Aims To Give Hope To All Who Live With Disabilities: ‘We Are All Loved’

Ahead of Autism Awareness Month, singer and advocate Cory Singer shares a song about finding someone ‘who loves me for who I am’ and how everyone, including neurodivergent people, deserves happiness.

It’s fitting that Cory Singer‘s new song feels like a burst of sunshine after a long, cloudy day. In “Break of Dawn,” premiering here on HollywoodLife, Cory sings about that exceptional warmth of new love. However, it’s not just any love that Cory feels – he thinks he’s found “my person,” his “very special someone.” Against a soft melody and a vibe that just glows, Cory’s voice beams with joy. “Break of Dawn” is pure happiness, and with the way that Cory sings on this track, it’s hard not to walk away feeling a little better about things knowing that such love exists in this world.

“Break of Dawn” arrives ahead of 2022’s World Autism Month, and Cory explains how this song is a sequel, of sorts, to a track he released this past April. “Last year during World Autism Month, I dropped my single ‘Someone,’ which spoke to my challenges in meeting a woman who would love me for who I am,” Cory shares with HollywoodLife. “‘Break of Dawn’ is the answer to that song because this year, I finally met someone who loves me for who I am. My inspiration for this song is to give others who live with disabilities hope that all things are possible and we are all loved.”

With a platform of more than 400k followers on TikTok, Cory has become an advocate for the neurodivergent community while sharing his own experiences with Autism. In 2021, he used his talents to release the previously mentioned “Someone” and has since worked hard to promote positivity, inspire others on their own journey, and help dispel any misconceptions people might have about Autism. Recently, Cory joined the board of advisors for the I Am Able Foundation, a non-profit that aims to “make the diagnosis of ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurodivergent challenges as common as eyeglasses.”

Cory has been making music for a moment now. The New Jersey native appeared on Bravo’s singing competition, Kandi Burress’s The Kandi Factory. After winning the competition, he took home the song penned by Kandi – “I Can Do Anything” – and ever since then, he’s provided exactly that. In addition to his growing discography – he gained further success with his 2018’s release, Blind in Love – Cory has a thriving stage career, having worked on NY/NJ productions to critical praise. When COVID-19 hit, Cory took to TikTok as an outlet for his creativity, and he has risen to prominence like the star he is.

Source: Hollywood Life

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