Dive Inside Morgan Stewart’s Stylish Closet With This All-Entry Tour

Morgan Stewart is saying farewell by giving an intimate look into her closet.

The Daily Pop alum gave fans a tour of her luxe closet that’s packed to the brim with an assortment of ​Hermès mini Kelly handbags, Chanel attire, among other designer items. 

“Welcome Necessary Realness, here we are in my closet,” Morgan said at the start of her tour with E! News. “Well, one of them—there are two. Don’t be alarmed.”

She added, “Obviously, it’s a little cramped in here.”

As Morgan explained, being that her closet—which includes a mix of jeans, coats, purses, and shoes—is fully stacked, she tries “to do an audit every few weeks and get rid of things” she’s no longer wearing.

Despite this, the TV personality admitted that it never really goes the way she hopes it would. 

“Then every time I do that I go through it and I’m like, ‘But I love it,'” she said, “And then I keep it for another six months and then I still don’t wear it. 

Source: Eonline