Emma Corrin Recalls Their First Date With a Girl & Discusses Sexuality

No matter the challenges Emma faces, they know that their family is supportive of whomever they chose to date. 

“I started dating a girl and told my mum, and then my little brother DM’d me saying, ‘Hey, I wanted to say welcome, because I’ve been bi for ages,'” they revealed, explaining that the younger generation in her brother’s age group is “much more chill” about gender fluidity. 

Building a community on Instagram has also helped the Pennyworth star. “If you have a platform and you’re able to use it,” they explained, “that’s obviously so important—and I met some incredible people through it.”

In fact, Emma took to Instagram last August to open up about their identity, sharing a clip on Stories of their interview with ITV News Granada host Victoria Grimes. At the time, Emma noted that it was “scary” to come out on TV but also important for them to do so because “visibility is key.”

Source: Eonline

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