Fall 2022 Nail Tendencies Celeb Manicurists Say Will Be Your New Obsession

Shades of Brown

Maybe your fall coffee order is a classic PSL or perhaps, a caramel cold brew. As it turns out, that drink of choice just might serve as your latest inspiration.

“Traditionally, we see a lot of dark reds and dark purples make their way through fall nail trends,” Thuy said, “but this year, shades of brown will spark a lot with artists and clients.”

Brown-shade polishes not only serve as an homage to the fall season, but a movement of inclusivity when it comes to the request of a “nude nail.” The neutral color family can provide a subtle look on different skin tones, while also offering the opportunity to mix shades in a playful way.

According to Hannah, she anticipates there will also be a rise of “a Skittle manicure but in coffee tones, from a deep chocolatey brown all the way up to a lighter cream.” You can achieve this look by painting each nail a different shade within the same color palette.

Source: Eonline

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