‘Fast Foodies’ Preview: Jillian Bell Gets Out Her Anger In The Kitchen

Jillian Bell guest stars in the all-new episode of ‘Fast Foodies.’ In this EXCLUSIVE preview, Chef Justin shows her how to let it all out when it comes to tenderizing chicken.

Jillian Bell is letting the chefs elevate their fast food game with their take on a fast food chicken sando. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the February 24 episode of Fast Foodies, Jillian steps into the kitchen with Chef Justin Sutherland. He begins to show her how to tenderize chicken cutlets and lets her take a whack at it.

Jillian Bell on ‘Fast Foodies.’ (Anna Marie Lopez / TruTV)

At first, Jillian is a little too delicate with the tenderizing. “This is fantastic,” she asks. The actress asks Chef Justin what the pounding does. “Multiple things. This is gonna let the chicken marinate. It’s gonna kind of flatten it out so it fries at the same temp,” he says.

When Justin starts pounding the chicken, he gets aggressive. That’s the only way the chicken is going to flatten! “Oh, Jesus!” Jillian says in reaction.

Jillian gets a second chance at really pounding the chicken, and she doesn’t hold back. She gets out any anger she may have in her system. “Break up with me now, Jonathan,” she jokes.

On Fast Foodies, Top Chef winners Kristen Kish, Jeremy Ford, and Iron Chef winner Justin Sutherland compete to perfectly recreate and then skillfully reimagine a celebrity guest’s favorite fast-food dish. These culinary masters come prepared to showcase their love of pop culture, fast-food legends, and their expert skills to win the “Chompionship Trophy.” In addition to Jillian, the second season has included additional celebrity guests like Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nikki Glaser, Reggie Watts, Chris Jericho, Natasha Leggero, Bobby Moynihan, Baron Davis, Joel McHale, and more.

Jillian Bell
Jillian Bell with the chefs. (Anna Marie Lopez / TruTV)

Justin revealed in our EXCLUSIVE interview what makes recreated fast food dishes more difficult. “I think the more processed the food, the more difficult,” Justin said. “I think when we’re doing sandwiches or things that aren’t as heavily processed are just a little bit easier, but trying to recreate and copy some of those very distinct lab-created flavors can be very difficult.” Fast Foodies airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on truTV.

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