Find Out If Clayton Echard Actually Got Engaged on The Bachelor

It’s safe to say this actually was the most dramatic finale in Bachelor Nation history.

On Tuesday, March 15, fans saw the conclusion of Clayton Echard‘s journey on The Bachelor, during which he said goodbye to contestants Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia—before attempting to win back Susie Evans‘ heart.

So, did Clayton and Susie end up back together…or engaged in Iceland? After receiving a heartfelt note from Clayton, Susie met up with the Bachelor in the Icelandic countryside, where he asked Susie to take him back.

“I told you from the beginning that I was looking to get down on a knee,” he begged while showing a glimpse of a ring box. “I want that, and with you I see that. And I see so much beyond that: To grow, have a family, to go through all the stages of life together. If you just give me the chance, if you allow me to love you for one more day, to take one more step with you.”

Sadly, during the final rose ceremony, Susie was not quite ready to move forward with Clayton and chose to leave Iceland alone. “I don’t feel like the kind of love I have for you right now,” she explained, “is the kind of love that you have for me right now.”

“I feel like it’s over,” she then told a heartbroken Clayton.

Source: Eonline

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