Ghosts’ Brandon Scott Jones Talks Isaac Finally Coming Out

After centuries—and an entire season of television—of silence, Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) finally shared his truth on Ghosts.

During the April 21 finale, Isaac, the ghost of an American Revolutionary War captain, thought that his longtime crush (and former war rival) Nigel (John Hartman) had been “sucked off.” For the record, that’s what the ghosts call ascending.

But, as the episode came to a close, it was revealed that Nigel had not moved on, prompting Isaac to share his true feelings for the British specter. 

“Nigel, wait,” Isaac said in front of his fellow ghosts. “I like you.”

A happy, but surprised Nigel responded, “You like me?”

“Yeah, please don’t make me say it again,” Isaac answered.

After Nigel confirmed that he liked Isaac too, the other ghosts celebrated that the two spirits had finally opened up to one another. And, if you’re like us, you definitely fought back some tears during this moment.

We’re not the only ones moved by this finale. During the red carpet for Ghosts‘ panel at PaleyFest LA on April 6, Brandon told E! News that this “scene meant a lot to me.”

Source: Eonline

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