Giannina Gibelli Teases Future Engagement to Blake Horstmann

Blake Horstmann may want to start thinking about rings instead of roses for Giannina Gibelli.

As viewers continue to watch the couple’s love story unfold on All Star Shore, some fans are curious to know just how serious these two are about each other. In an exclusive interview with E! News, Giannina couldn’t hide her love and affection for a co-star that has made life so much sweeter. 

“He just makes sure that I’m always happy,” Giannina said. “If I’m having an off day or I’m stressed out about something, he’ll take the time and be like, ‘Hey, are you okay? You’re not as talkative today.’ It’s just these sweet little things that he wants to make sure that I’m happy and I’m in a good place.” 

Whether watching Netflix shows, eating omelets in the morning or breaking a sweat during workouts, Giannina says Blake is usually by her side. In fact, both parties hope things stay that way for a long time.

Source: Eonline

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