‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: A Grey Sloan Doctor Quits In The Aftermath Of Owen’s Accident

Owen managed to survive the car crash, but there was major fallout on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ One Grey Sloan doctor quit, and two more acted on their feelings for each other.

Ben gets the call about Owen’s car going over the cliff and wants to put a rush on the rescue as soon as the team arrives. The car is now in the ravine. While Andy makes a plan, Ben begins to get restless. He doesn’t want to waste any more time, so he starts without Andy’s permission.

Sullivan follows Ben down the ravine. Ben calls out for Owen, and they stumble upon the driver of the car. They check his pulse. He’s dead. Ben and Sullivan soon find Owen’s car. Owen is alive, but he is gravely injured. His left leg is actively bleeding and broken.

Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt. (ABC)

Owen Is Alive & Rescued

The team soon arrives and everyone works to extricate him from the car. Owen wants to tell Ben something if he doesn’t make it, but Ben refuses to hear it. Owen begins to freak out during the rescue, but Sullivan settles him down. They get him out and have him lifted by a harness out of the ravine. Ben, not wanting to leave Owen’s side, hitches a ride on the harness.

Hayes gets the heart to Grey Sloan in one piece. However, Winston realizes the heart is bruised. He asks for Maggie to be paged. Winston and Maggie argue about the heart. Winston wants to use the heart, while Maggie thinks they should wait for a new one. Winston believes this is their shot to save Farouk. He’s going to take this chance.

Owen is awake and begs Amelia to not tell Megan that he’s hurt. When Amelia goes to update Teddy, she says that Owen is alive and that’s all that matters. Link and Amelia both think Teddy to get checked out, but she is just so completely shaken by what happened. Amelia says that Owen needs to see her. After talking with Teddy, Link gives Amelia the cold shoulder. He doesn’t tell her that he saw that kiss.

Bailey & Richard Are At Odds

In the aftermath of Schmidt’s surgery gone wrong, Bailey and Richard get into a fight. She wants to pull the Webber Method as soon as possible. Schmidt overhears everything. Schmidt hasn’t said a word since leaving the OR. He continues to wash his hands, over and over again. Later, Jo finds Schmidt still scrubbing his hands. He won’t stop and rubs his hands until they bleed.

Wright and Taryn come to help Jo with Schmidt. Wright helps get Schmidt away from the sink. He ends up carrying Schmidt out before he does any more damage to his hands.

Hayes runs into Meredith and tells her about the accident. He gets emotional and admits that his life flashed before his eyes. When she learns that Owen and Teddy were also in the crash, Meredith rushes to see what the latest update is. This surgery has to go perfectly or Owen could be paralyzed for life.

Link Amelia
Link and Amelia in the February 24 episode. (ABC)

Link and Amelia fight over which surgery takes priority. The decision is made to do the surgeries simultaneously. Before he goes into surgery, Owen demands to speak with Hayes. They quickly talk about the soldier situation, and Hayes is noticeably conflicted about the whole situation. While Owen is in surgery, Hayes goes to see Megan in the chapel. He pleads with her to get some help, and then tells her about the accident.

Amelia & Link Fight Over Kai

Amelia soon realizes that Link knows about the kiss when he demands everyone clear the gallery when Kai walks in. Owen comes out of surgery in one piece, and Amelia confronts Link about how he’s treated her about the kiss. Link goes off on Amelia, and Amelia fires back. She tells him that he’s gaslighting her into thinking that she played him. Meanwhile, Link believes Amelia is gaslighting him.

Farouk’s donor heart beats on its own. Maggie and Winston go to see Megan and tell her the good news. They tell her that his heart is beating, and it’s beating well. Megan is overjoyed. Neither Winston nor Maggie mention that the heart was bruised.

Hayes and Owen on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ (ABC)

Hayes goes to see Bailey, who is thrilled that Owen is going to be okay. Instead of telling Bailey about what Owen’s done, Hayes quits. He says he’s going back to Ireland. Bailey asks for Hayes to wait until Owen recovers, but Hayes refuses. He’s resigning immediately.

Jo & Link Act On Their Feelings

Amelia meets Kai at the bar after Owen’s surgery and explains her complicated romantic history. “I hate that broke his heart, and I hate that he made me break it all over again,” she admits. As Amelia and Kai bond, Link is commiserating with Jo. She cheers him up and tells him to not “suffer anymore.” That’s when these two finally kiss. “This is a bad idea,” Link says. “Is it?” Jo asks before they proceed to have sex.

Nick shows up in Seattle to be with Meredith. Bailey and Richard are no longer talking in the fallout of Schmidt’s disastrous surgery. Nico finds a distraught Schmidt outside the hospital. They sit together in silence. Owen wakes up from his surgery to find Teddy by his side. She tells him that Hayes put in his resignation. “What happened in that car, Owen?” she asks.

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