‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Bailey Is Kissed By Someone Who Is Not Her Husband

Everyone gathered together to witness Hamilton’s game-changing surgery on the all-new ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ In the midst of all this, Teddy confronted Owen and Bailey was left shocked by a kiss!

Hamilton’s groundbreaking surgery has arrived. It’s all been leading up to this. Nick calls Meredith to tell her that he’s likely not going to make it to Seattle in time for the surgery. Meredith’s not sweating it. She’s been preparing for this, along with Amelia and Kai.

Jo is ready for a fresh start after the Link drama, so she dyes her hair brown again. Link notices and compliments her hair makeover. It’s noticeably a little awkward between Link and Jo in the wake of Jo telling Link they can’t sleep together anymore. Later, Jo finds Teddy at the bar. They both are commiserating over problems in their love lives. Jo spills about Link, but Teddy keeps Owen’s secret at bay. It’s eating her up inside, though.

Tom Returns To Grey Sloan

Kim Raver as Teddy. (ABC)

Richard pays Schmidt a visit. Schmidt is still playing video games in his mom’s basement. Richard tries to talk some sense into Schmidt, but Schmidt isn’t budging. He’s not coming back to the hospital any time soon.

Tom returns to Seattle to help Meredith with Hamilton’s surgery. After speaking with Hamilton, Meredith opens up Hamilton’s surgery to the other doctors so they can watch what happens and learn. They even allow the surgery to be filmed.

Owen Is Rushed Into Surgery

During physical therapy with Link, Owen’s head begins throbbing. So much so that he has to lie down. Link notices swelling around Owen’s incision, so he rushes Owen to a CT scan.

The surgery finally begins and starts off perfectly. Just as the most important part of Hamilton’s surgery is about to Hamilton, Amelia is paged to Owen’s OR. She’s prepared to leave the surgery. It’s Owen, after all. Amelia can’t just leave, so she asks Tom to help with Owen so she can proceed. This is more than a little awkward considering Owen and Tom’s history.

Grey's Anatomy
E.R. Fightmaster and Caterina Scorsone on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ (ABC)

The injection of the cells into Hamilton’s brain goes well. The surgery is considered a success! Owen’s surgery goes well, too. Teddy sits by Owen’s bedside and confronts him about what she knows. Teddy admits that she doesn’t know if she can forgive him for this. She’s aware that people make certain decisions when someone is triggered, and she thinks this is what’s happening with Owen. Owen shocks her by saying that he stands by what he did.

After the surgery, Amelia finds Kai waiting outside. Kai is inspired by Amelia’s love for those close to her. Everything else just falls away when something happens to a loved one. Kai witnessed that firsthand with Amelia’s reaction to Owen.

Jo comes home and finds Link in the shower. Before she can even think, she kisses him. She knows this is just going to keep happening until one of them does something about it. He asks her if he should move out, and she doesn’t say no.

Wright Kisses Bailey Out Of The Blue

Richard pleads with Schmidt to come back to the hospital and forge a new path together. Schmidt isn’t convinced that he has any future in medicine. “I already bled out. There’s nothing left to save,” Schmidt says.

Grey's Anatomy
Scott Speedman and Ellen Pompeo as Nick and Meredith. (ABC)

Bailey and Wright walk out of the hospital together. He asks her about the flight surgeon training, and she doesn’t think she’s going to do it. He urges her to consider it. When she tells him that he’s been the only bright spot around this hospital lately, Wright kisses Bailey! They are both completely stunned by it. He walks away from a shocked Bailey very, very quickly.

Riding on a high post-surgery, Meredith flies to Minnesota to surprise Nick. After the surgery, there was only one person she really wanted to celebrate with — and that was Nick.

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