Gwen Stefani Reassessed “Everything” After Gavin Rossdale Divorce

No doubt: Gwen Stefani has taken a hard experience and turned it into something beautiful.

In an interview with InStyle published March 7, the “Don’t Speak” singer reflected on her divorce from Gavin Rossdale and how it affected her.

“It was a time of reassessing everything that I’ve done,” recalled Gwen.

That’s when the multi-hyphenate stumbled upon a dream she “wasn’t even aware of” — creating her own makeup brand.

“I wanted to start something that was new, that was mine, that was true to who I am, that was going to be the rest of my life project, that I would be able to be a gift back,” she said.

Now with a brand new line of makeup products, including her signature red lipstick, Gwen has done just that. In fact, her brand’s name, GXVE was inspired partly by the word “give.”

“Makeup is so much about giving,” Gwen said. “You wake up and you put a face on to show who you are that day, what you need to face the day, and you don’t really see yourself the rest of the day unless you’re on a Zoom — you just give that to people. And then they take that, you seeing when people show up and they made an effort. It’s like, ‘thank you.’ And I say, ‘you’re welcome, look what I did for you.'”

Source: Eonline

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