Gwen Stefani Stuns In White Pants & Tight Top While Dishing About Blake Shelton On ‘Ellen’

The singer opened up about gardening with her husband in a preview of her upcoming interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Gwen Stefani looked beautiful in an all-white outfit in a new preview for her upcoming interview on Ellen on Wednesday April 6. The “Hollaback Girl” singer, 52, rocked a tight white turtleneck, plus some shimmering pants and matching heels. She accessorized with some huge gold bracelets. For the interview, Gwen spoke about how head over heels she is for her husband Blake Shelton, as well as how wonderful their wedding was. “He’s my best friend. We have so much fun,” she said.

Gwen looked beautiful in all white for her interview on ‘Ellen.’ (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

While Gwen and Ellen DeGeneres chatted, she revealed that Blake was home tending to their garden, which she’s found to be “super rewarding” to do herself and with Blake. “We’re doing major gardening. We’re talking about daffodils. We’re talking about tulips. We already did the olive bulbs. We did wild flower seeds. Now we’re doing zinnias. I sent him home to figure out how to till all the land and dig a well. He’s working on the well-digging today,” she said.

While Gwen and Blake have been doing some literal gardening, the singer has found it to be a great metaphor for her life and career. “I was just talking about seed-planting, because it’s such a huge thing in my life, and only to end up in Oklahoma planting seeds. I think about all the different seeds that were planted in my life,” she explained. “The seeds of just these ideas. These wild ideas I had that actually came true. Even the one to fall in love with Blake. It’s crazy, because I’m going to go back there and plant so many flowers, and they’re going to bloom. It’s so exciting. There’s just so much relevance between the two things if you think about it.”

Gwen told Ellen about all the gardening she’s been doing with Blake Shelton. (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

Besides talking about gardening, Gwen also took part in Ellen’s “Burning Questions” segment, and she revealed the couple’s nicknames for each other are “Blakey” and “Pretty Girl.” Also, when Ellen asked about what she’s “obsessed with right now,” Gwen naturally named her husband, as well as her beauty line Give.



Source: Hollywood Life

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