Henry Winkler Gives a Grim Update on Barry Season 4

Henry Winkler knows Barry season four isn’t bringing peace to his character Gene Cousineau—because he’s read the scripts!

After the season three finale of the HBO drama saw Gene lure Barry (Bill Hader) to the home of Jim Moss (Robert Wisdom), where Barry was ambushed and hauled away by the authorities, it led some to question if Gene would finally be able to live freely. 

Not so says Winkler, who was nominated for an Emmy, specifically the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series award, July 12 for his work on the series. 

“I read the first four scripts,” Winkler revealed exclusively to E! News, “and I can say to you there is no peace.”

Why did we ever expect anything to be easy on Barry?

Philosophically-speaking, perhaps Gene meeting a fateful end at the hands of Barry himself would bring about the greatest peace of all, or as Winkler said, “Death would be the end of looking over my shoulder, that’s for sure.”

Source: Eonline

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