Here’s the “Endlessly Buildable” Mac Mascara That Went Viral on TikTok

If you’re looking for more insights, here are some reviews from MAC shoppers who adore this mascara.

A shopper said, “I absolutely loved this mascara! I only needed one coat and my lashes looked 1.) voluminous 2.) THICK and 3.) longer! It seriously looked like my lashes tripled in size, so if you have sparse lashes, this would be the perfect mascara for you. I didn’t have any issues with fallout or clumping.”

Another declared, “Believe the hype. I bought this assuming most of the reviews were people that got it as a promotion and thus the review couldn’t be trusted. I was wrong. This stuff is amazing. Throwing out my old stuff.”

A fan of the mascara said, “Those who get it, get it, just get it!!! The hype is R E A L – short blonde lashes now look like I’m wearing falsies!! Best part is no flakes or smudges!! Yaaaasssss!!!”

“Greatest mascara of all time!! I’m literally so obsessed. It’s doesn’t weigh down your lashes and builds super nicely without clumping. 10/10 recommend,” someone wrote.

Another claimed, “I just purchased this mascara I love it I look like I have extensions.”

“Claims are real. I’ve used this for about a week now and love it. Bad gal bang was my top high end mascara and this is now my top. Doesn’t flake during the day, easy to remove and doesn’t irritate my eyes or contacts.

Source: Eonline

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