Hilarie Burton Morgan Shares the Worth in Not Being a Group Participant

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You could say Hilarie Burton Morgan doesn’t want to be anything other than what she’s trying to be lately. Which, at the moment, is being the multi-hyphenate (creator, producer, host) behind Sundance TV’s true crime series, It Couldn’t Happen Here.

Two years after detailing her departure from the entertainment industry, she felt called to return while watching a controversial criminal case play out near Rhinebeck, New York, where she and husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan settled to raise their two kids. 

“A young woman, who had been horrifically abused ended up shooting her partner,” she detailed of Nicole Addimando, who was found guilty of second-degree murder after shooting the father of her children. (Her original 19-year sentence was reduced to seven-and-a-half years under New York’s Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act.) 

Source: Eonline