Household Karma Season 3 Trailer Teases Epic Highs & Tons of Drama

Karma has come back around—and we are thrilled.

Why? Well, the super-sized trailer for the third season of the Bravo hit docuseries, Family Karma, dropped on Oct. 15 and the sneak peek shows the season’s most epic highs (included weddings, engagements and more) and a few bumps along the way (yes, there are a few disagreements between the gang—and their families, of course).

The season will follow Amrit Kapai, and his fiancé, Nicholas, as they gear up to tie the knot, while facing difficulties and challenges along the way. Also gearing up to walk down the aisle would be long-term couple Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana. After 10 years together and three engagements, the pair and their families are coming together to plan the dream wedding of a lifetime.

Speaking of taking a relationship to the next level, Monica Vaswani is ready to move her relationship along with boyfriend, Rish Karam—but only time will tell whether their future together remains certain.

Source: Eonline

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