How Austen Kroll Caused the Biggest Summer House Feud to Date

There’s nothing charming about the drama Austen Kroll fueled on Summer House.

During the March 21 episode of the Bravo hit, things got explosive among the women of the house over, you guessed it, the Southern Charm star. It all started when Austen made out with Lindsay Hubbard during her 35-birthday celebration, while Lindsay’s roommate Ciara Miller was still hung up on Austen following their Winter House fling.

When Ciara confronted Austen about his behavior with Lindsay and how it’s caused tension between the roommates, Austen retorted, “Lindsay and I will probably kiss each other on the mouth for the next f–king 25 years, and nothing’s going to change that.”

If you just audibly groaned, know you aren’t alone—but that it’s also going to get much worse. Instead of being honest about his feelings, Austen just rattled off some gaslighting nonsense to Ciara. Meanwhile, upstairs, a frustrated Lindsay said she felt that she was allowed to sleep and flirt with Austen if she wanted to, as they’re all single. (While this is true, it does disregard Ciara’s feelings on the matter, which isn’t necessarily cool.)

Source: Eonline

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