How Hannah Ferrier’s Below Deck Legacy Sails On

Put it in the shipstory books.

It’s been nearly two years since Captain Sandy Yawn fired Hannah Ferrier, subsequently ending the longtime chief stewardess’ stint on Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean. Hannah left the world of reality TV, and while she’s yet to return herself, it turns out the Sydney, Australia native played a big role in the development of Below Deck‘s newest Peacock spinoff, Below Deck Down Under.

Captain Jason Chambers recently revealed that Hannah is the main reason he decided to join the show in the first place. Now, in an exclusive interview with E! News, newlywed Hannah explained that they knew each other because “the yachting industry in Sydney is very small,” so when he was asked to join Below Deck Down Under, he immediately called her.

“It’s kind of funny,” Hannah said, “because a lot of people would think with how things ended on the show that I would be like, ‘Don’t do it!'”

However, that wasn’t the case, especially since Hannah knew that as a parent, Capt. Jason would benefit from the flexibility of doing Below Deck Down Under paired with “a few deliveries throughout the year” rather than working on a permanent position.

Source: Eonline

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