How Melissa Etheridge Stopped a RHOBH Dinner Social gathering From Hell

Thankfully, they didn’t—and it’s all because Melissa began descending Dorit’s stairs. By the time she finished an incredible performance of “Come to My Window,” there were no more screams, just happy tears. Lisa even apologized to Sutton and the rest of the group, explaining that she had simply been misdirecting her anger at Sutton when in reality, she was just struggling to deal with her mother’s death (especially that day, as she had just received all of Lois‘ belongings).

“I’m trying to figure out how to live without my mom,” Lisa said through tears, “and I don’t know how to do it.”

As Garcelle Beauvais put it, the moment seemed to be a much-needed “breakthrough.” Props to Melissa Etheridge!

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Source: Eonline

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