How Melissa McBride Welcomed Terry Crews to Walking Dead

Who knew zombies and their prey could live in such harmony?

In an exclusive chat with E! News at 2022 Comic-Con on July 22, Tales of the Walking Dead star Terry Crews said he received an out-of-the-blue welcome to the franchise from one of its most beloved stars.

“I got a DM on Instagram from Melissa McBride,” Terry revealed. “She said, ‘Welcome to our world.’ As a fan, to be a part of this universe now and to get that introduction from her, I was like, ‘Oh my god.'”

McBride plays fan favorite Carol on The Walking Dead, which begins to roll out its final episodes on October 2. 

Crews’ co-star Samantha Morton echoed his sentiments, saying, “It really is a family.” 

And she would know!

On Tales of the Walking Dead, Morton reprises her role as Alpha from the original Walking Dead series—but there’s a twist. Seeing as Alpha—spoiler alert!—died in season 10, Morton’s episode is of the prequel variety, as she explained, “I play someone called Dee, who becomes Alpha.”

Source: Eonline

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