How Sean Penn, Bethenny Frankel & More Are Helping Ukraine Amid Attack

Hollywood is rallying together following an attack on Ukraine.

Shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion into the Eastern European country, a move that U.S. President Joe Biden called “unprovoked and unjustified,” celebrities began using their platforms to speak out against the military action and show their support for the civilians affected by the attack. From sharing resources to launching plans to provide relief to refugees, stars have been active both online and on the ground.

According to Bethenny Frankel, her BStrong organization is “in motion to ship 100,000 hygiene kits, #Bstrong survival kits, blankets, generators, sleeping bags to Ukraine’s NATO boarding countries” as the Russian military continue its descend upon Ukraine.  

“This initial commitment of supplies will exceed $10M,” she shared on Instagram on Thursday, Feb. 24. “Our teams will be on the ground in Rzeszów, Poland Friday to set up base camps for refugee operations with our Polish and Ukrainian partners. We’re also working with military professionals, former Green Berets, and airlifting shipping boxes today.”

Source: Eonline

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