How the Viral Nap Costume Helped Me Love My Physique After Giving Start

Here’s the thing: Shortly after giving birth to my son, I was anything but gracious to myself, especially when it came to my appearance.

While I knew my body had done a miraculous thing, I was shocked (re: delusional) to see that I hadn’t “bounced back” to my pre-pregnancy weight. Worst of all, I felt like a stranger in my own skin.

With breastfeeding, I felt more like a milk machine than a human. Plus, it gave my boobs a weird in-between of looking like sad sandbags and Playboy model material. My weight, which was changing on a daily basis, mixed with my out-of-whack hormones, had turned me into a big insecure mess.

So, shopping for cute clothes wasn’t exactly fun.

Aside from not even knowing my size, I needed pieces that were breastfeeding-friendly, that could evolve with my body and that would boost my confidence. Because the truth is when I don’t look my best, I don’t feel my best.

That’s why it was a huge relief for me when the Nap Dress checked all the boxes.

Source: Eonline

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