Influencer Lexi Reed Hospitalized for Second Time in 2 Months

Following an overnight stay, Lexi shared a video from her hospital bed on April 5, writing, “Just waiting on answers for the knots on my stomach, hips, and all the issues with my right leg. Pain level has been an 8.”

The influencer—also known under the pseudonym of Fat Girl Fed Up—found social media fame for losing over 300 pounds with diet and exercise. She was hospitalized back in January after she couldn’t keep any food down for several days. According to Lexi, her blood sugar significantly dropped and her organs started to fail when she arrived to the emergency room. To save her life, doctors put her on a ventilator and medically induced a coma. 
After spending nearly a month in the hospital, Lexi was released but due to kidney failure, she needed dialysis three times a week. Just two weeks before her most recent hospitalization, the Indiana-native was celebrating the news that her kidneys were improving and she was taken off dialysis.

Source: Eonline

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