Is Katy Perry Prepared for Retirement? She Says…

Katy Perry‘s teenage dream isn’t ending anytime soon.

The “Firework” singer is raising daughter Daisy, 2, with fiancé Orlando Bloom while continuing to take her music career to the next level after 15 years in the biz. Is there more left for her to do?

Absolutely! KatyCats have nothing to worry about. “It’s not like I’m heading into retirement,” Perry said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Trust, sweetheart, she’s got a couple of aces still left up her sleeve.”

Perry has been focusing on being a first time mom for the past two years, but new music is on the horizon. “I think that it’s just given me so much love and joy,” the “I Kissed a Giri” singer said of motherhood, “I’m sure that will pour out of me the next time I go to make a record.”

The singer shared of her daughter, “I think that’s probably the top three profound things that happen in a person’s life. For me, it’s definitely been the most profound. To be able to go through that and just that feeling of love that I’ve always been searching for.”

While music is always on her mind, she has a lot to balance at the moment.

Source: Eonline

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