Jan Broberg Says Her Harrowing Kidnapping Story Is Truly Relatable

Jan Broberg‘s story—one that involves being kidnapped multiple times by someone who convinced her aliens would destroy the world if she didn’t do everything he wanted—might not sound relatable at first, but she wants you to take a closer look.

Peacock’s new series A Friend of the Family certainly allows for this, especially since Jan herself served as a producer on the project, which has been described by the streamer as being based on “the harrowing true story of the Broberg family,” who was allegedly preyed upon by “charismatic, obsessed family ‘friend,'” Robert “B” Berchtold.

“It’s a horror story, yes,” Jan noted during an exclusive interview with E! News, “but it’s real.” 

And so is the specific type of abuse she says she experienced at the hands of Berchtold, because when you set aside the extreme lengths he’s been accused of going in order to manipulate her, Jan said what you have is a “predator” hiding “right in plain sight.” 

Source: Eonline

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