Jessica Biel Has Blood on Her Hands in Chilling Candy Trailer

Jessica Biel continues to entice audiences with her portrayal of accused axe murderer Candy Montgomery.

Oscar viewers got a glimpse at the true crime series Candy when Hulu dropped the latest teaser during the March 27 telecast, a jarring departure from the cheery and celebratory Academy Awards ceremony.

The preview opened with a blood-covered Biel as she sits in her driveway, realizing that she has evidence all over her skin. The trailer then flashes back to the days leading up to Betty Gore‘s murder in 1980. Candy’s husband, played by Timothy Simons, and her friends question why she seems so tense and seemingly on edge.

It then flickers to Biel’s Candy as she rinses the blood from her skin in the shower, a moment that precipitates a call from Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber) questioning if she’d seen his wife. 

Candy will also explore the murder trial that followed Betty’s death. The real-life Candy was ultimately acquitted by a jury after she claimed that she killed Betty in an act of self-defense.

Source: Eonline

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