Joshua Bassett Seemingly Trolls Himself Over Olivia Rodrigo Romance

Joshua Bassett‘s latest TikTok is giving fans déjà vu.

The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star left fans raising their eyebrows after seemingly referencing his rumored off-screen romance with co-star Olivia Rodrigo in a video.

“First letter is the love of my life,” the 20-year-old actor said, tapping the screen to reveal what fate the TikTok filter had in store for him, which had happened to be a pink letter “O.” After a brief pause, the actor tries again, jokingly adding, “Second letter is the love of my life.”

This time TikTok showed him a yellow Q, which Joshua seemed content with.

He immediately said, “OK, Q. I’ll take it,” and captioned the post with a speechless “i—.”

The video left fans without words as well, with some writing, “YOU DID NOT” and others commenting, “josh this should have stayed in ur drafts” and “why are you setting yourself up.”

Source: Eonline