Julia Fox Hints at What Went Wrong in Kanye “Ye” West Romance

After dating for a little over a month Kanye “Ye” West and Julia Fox ended their whirlwind relationship ahead of Valentine’s Day. While the former couple were nearly inseparable since meeting in Miami on New Year’s Eve, the Uncut Gems actress hinted the relationship wasn’t always the easiest in a Feb 14 interview with The Cut

“When I’m with Ye,” Fox started explaining to the outlet before trailing off. “But even when I’m with my son, it’s also very difficult.” 

She continued. “It feels like you’re just going with the flow, but the flow is very hectic, if that makes sense. It’s a lot of last-minute decisions or deciding to go somewhere at the last minute and activating when needed.”

Julia also seemingly scoffed at the fame that came with the relationship, saying everything felt much more amplified and “much more serious.”

“I’ve never been operating at the level that Ye is,” she said. “I never wanted to be super-megafamous. It’s a life-ender for some celebrities. They become reclusive and paranoid and hide. I refuse to not live authentically.”


Source: Eonline

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