Justin Bieber’s Sweet Concert Dedication to Hailey Will Make You Blush

For Justin Bieber, wife Hailey Bieber isn’t just “anyone.”
And in case there were any doubts, the 28-year-old-singer made that crystal clear when he dedicated his single “Anyone” to Hailey during his March 7 concert in Los Angeles.
“This next song will be dedicated to my beautiful wife,” Justin told the crowd of the 25-year-old model. “She’s out there somewhere. She hates me when I put her on the spot. She’s probably over there blushing. She probably hates me right now, but I love her. I love you so much baby. Let’s do the damn thing.”
For her part, Hailey did do the damn thing by also resharing a video of herself singing along to her husband’s hits (along with her pals) to her Instagram Stories later that night. Throughout the evening, Hailey also posted tons of footage from Justin’s on-stage performances—proving that she is her hubby’s number one fan.
As fans keeping up with the adorable couple will note, Justin’s swoon worthy shoutout comes less than a week after Hailey penned a cute post for the singer’s 28th birthday on March 1.

Source: Eonline

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