Kanye West Shares the Recommendation He Gave Daughter North West

Daddy knows best?

During his recent interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Kanye West shared some life advice he gave daughter North West, 9, the eldest of his and ex Kim Kardashian’s four children.

The rap artist recalled how he helped her improve her basketball skills. “North likes basketball. I’m going to come and practice with her every day. I’m also going to pick the other coaches that work with her.”

He continued, “When North snatches the ball out of a girl twice her size and she comes over to the side, I tell her, ‘Don’t let anyone take anything from you ever. Don’t let anyone take anything from our family. Don’t let anyone take our company. Always protect your brothers and sisters.'”

Kanye made similar comments in an ABC News interview in late September, saying, “I’m saying stuff to [North] like, ‘Never let anyone take anything from you. Protect your little brothers and sisters. Protect the family. Never let anyone take our company.'”

Source: Eonline

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